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How We Developed Our Home Safety Plan


After discussions with our whole family this is what we did to build our home safety plan:

We drew maps of each of the floors of our house:
  • Clearly labelled each room
  • Showed all windows and external and internal doors
  • Showed two escape routes from each room
  • Showed where smoke alarms are on all floors
  • Showed where the fire extinguishers are
  • Showed where the CO detector is
  • Described where the family will meet if there is an emergency

We bought and installed more emergency equipment
  • Smoke alarms in each sleeping room (we already had a smoke alarm on each floor)
  • Fire extinguisher (5lb ABC) – one for the kitchen, one for the garage
  • Escape ladders for each of the second-floor bedrooms
    • We reviewed how to use them
  • Where we bought our equipment:
    • First, we went to a safety store – they actually recommended we go to a big box home hardware type store as their safety supplies are meant for industrial settings
    • Second stop: Lowes, where we bought smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and ladders
    • Can also be found at Canadian Tire and Home Depot as well.

We put reminders in our shared family calendar
  • Reminders to practice a home fire drill (twice annually)
  • Reminders to inspect our fire extinguisher (annually)
  • Reminders to test the smoke alarms (twice annually) - Mattie did NOT enjoy the testing of alarms
  • Reminders to change the batteries in the smoke alarms (annually)

We made sure that all exits were clear and accessible.
  • We have a side door that is never used and had accumulated a lot of junk in front of it. We removed the junk and made it accessible.
  • Some windows still had ‘stuff’ in front of them, but we did make sure that if something was in front of a window that it was both:
    • Easy to move, and
    • There for a reason (i.e., a chair in front of window, because it’s nice to read in front of windows

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