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3 ways to stay busy in slow times

It should be obvious by now—we love showing off our great clients. And we love learning from them! This month, we’re sharing some more great tips on prospering in a down economy, brought to you by Halie Zasada of Mid-City Construction Management.

Mid-City is a civil contractor in its 36th year of business. They have three divisions: excavating, underground services, and paving. Halie is a paving project manager and estimator, and she talked with us recently about the busy season Mid-City is having right now, how they’ve earned that growth, and how Boreal has been helping sustain it.

Here are three ways Mid-City is prospering in a downturn:

1. Focusing on Long-Term Relationships

Halie Zasada: One of the biggest things for Mid-City is that we have a lot of long-term relationships with a lot of clients. We just started a paving division last year, and a lot of the work that we’ve gotten has been through those long-standing relationships. Now that we have an...

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8 Unconventional Growth Strategies for Driven Business Leaders

Well, this is turning into a bit of a mini-series, isn’t it?

We can’t help it—Boreal clients are such an inspiration to us, and every time we learn something new from you (which is every day), we can’t help but think how valuable your insights are for everyone in this growing network of small business owners.

We’ve been working with the team at Connect Fall Protection for 12 months now, and we think you’ll agree that their success is well deserved. Despite a downturn in the economy and bleak forecasts in all the papers, Connect has been growing steadily for three years, and they’re projecting even greater expansion through 2016.

How, exactly? They’ve got a surprising answer to that.

Eight of them, actually.

But first, an introduction: Connect Fall Protection specializes in the kind of turn-key fall protection services that are often missing from the industry today. They conceptualize, install, inspect, and maintain both permanent and...

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“We’re busier than ever right now”

Downturn? What downturn? Many of Boreal’s clients are busier than ever this year, thanks to your steadfast commitment to success. But did you know there’s another characteristic you all share that will get you work—regardless of the economy?

We recently sat down with Phil Whitson of Whitson Contracting, one of Edmonton’s busiest contractors and a happy client of Boreal Services Group. As a 30-person team, Whitson is what you might call a small contractor, but they’re using that to their advantage, and they’re prospering as a result. With 10-20% annual growth projected for the next five years, Phil says, “We’re busier than ever right now, and we’ve got steady work for the next 14 months.”

Here are four ways Whitson is capitalizing on their smaller size to stay busy and successful in a slow economy. Their strategies will work for you, too!

 1. Flexibility

A change order submitted to a larger contractor is a big...

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