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Oh Pandemic, Aren't You Done With Us Yet?


Because we are sooooooooo done with you! It's been well over 6 months already, and I hate to say it, but we are still in the thick of it!

Hands up if you've got pandemic fatigue!

Two hands up if pandemic fatigue is straight up impacting your workplace!

Today's video talks about exactly that - how small businesses and their workers are impacted by Pandemic Fatigue and what you can do to combat it!

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Math is Fun!

1.4 vs. 2

Dean once took a graduate class in "Decision Support Systems" taught by Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein at the University of Alberta. He did a lot of work with Excel models in this class. The models were built to help make decisions (get it...decision support systems?). Dr. Al-Hussein made it very clear that the models did not make the decisions, they merely helped people make informed decisions.  

This week, just for fun*, Dean made a decision support system in the form of a graph. It shows how quickly COVID-19 and the flu can spread through a population. It's a simple exponential function like this (please don't be scared of the math, it's fun!): 

y=number of people infected 
x=number of transmissions or "touches" 
n=average infection rate 

The numbers are debatable, but some of the figures I've seen indicate one flu carrier can infect 1.4 people (yes, there's no such thing as 0.4 of a's a statistical average). One...

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What the actual f, 2020??

Remember when we thought the massive fires in Australia would be THE story of 2020? Man, those seemed like such innocent times.
And then COVID came along, and we all stopped talking about Australia and the entire planet was consumed (and rightly so) by talk about the virus? We all locked down, and watched the news on TV or our computers compulsively to get the latest COVID numbers. Of course, we assumed that THIS was the defining story of 2020.
And then, came the killing of George Floyd on Monday, May 25 by Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin. Protests throughout US cities and beyond (London, Berlin, and already here in Canada, including Montreal and Toronto) have ignited. 
So many of us are glued to our TVs or our social media and are realizing that this isn’t just another news cycle. This is a pivotal time in history, with black people and black allies saying 'enough is enough'. 
2020, man. Holy shit. What a year.
So, what does...

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