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Action Plans: A Tool to Move Your Safety Program Towards Success


Action plans are often an overlooked tool that can help your safety program become so many things:

  • more meaningful to your employees
  • less resource heavy (less paperwork just for the sake of doing paperwork, for example) which also means less expensive for you as a business owner
  • in compliance with new safety legislation
  • in compliance with key client requirements

And done right, the work can be delegated so that it's not just you, the business owner or the safety manager, that is stuck with making sure each action item is being done.

Safety Action Plan Workshop Coming Soon

The above video will give you a few quick tips in building your annual safety plan, but we do have a new online workshop starting in January 2021 all about developing, implementing and completing your annual safety action plan.

First, watch the video. And then, if you need more of a hand, add your name to our wait list on our home page and we'll let you know as soon as the workshop is launched!

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How We Developed Our Home Safety Plan


After discussions with our whole family this is what we did to build our home safety plan:

We drew maps of each of the floors of our house:
  • Clearly labelled each room
  • Showed all windows and external and internal doors
  • Showed two escape routes from each room
  • Showed where smoke alarms are on all floors
  • Showed where the fire extinguishers are
  • Showed where the CO detector is
  • Described where the family will meet if there is an emergency

We bought and installed more emergency equipment
  • Smoke alarms in each sleeping room (we already had a smoke alarm on each floor)
  • Fire extinguisher (5lb ABC) – one for the kitchen, one for the garage
    • We reviewed how to use them with the kids, how to inspect them ourselves (commercials operations MUST have extinguishers inspected by a third party annually, home extinguishers don’t have to be but you certainly can bring them in)
    • We also talked about when to use a fire extinguisher and when NOT to use one (...
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Making a Plan for a Home Safety Plan

Why does it have to take a tragedy for us to make a plan to keep ourselves safe?

My family is going to spend this upcoming week building our home safety plan and pass on everything that we learn to you. Find out why in the video above and then check out next week's post to get everything you need to build your own home safety plan.

And if you are able to donate, you can do so here - Trojan Family Fire Fund.

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