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3 ways to stay busy in slow times

It should be obvious by now—we love showing off our great clients. And we love learning from them! This month, we’re sharing some more great tips on prospering in a down economy, brought to you by Halie Zasada of Mid-City Construction Management.

Mid-City is a civil contractor in its 36th year of business. They have three divisions: excavating, underground services, and paving. Halie is a paving project manager and estimator, and she talked with us recently about the busy season Mid-City is having right now, how they’ve earned that growth, and how Boreal has been helping sustain it.

Here are three ways Mid-City is prospering in a downturn:

1. Focusing on Long-Term Relationships

Halie Zasada: One of the biggest things for Mid-City is that we have a lot of long-term relationships with a lot of clients. We just started a paving division last year, and a lot of the work that we’ve gotten has been through those long-standing relationships. Now that we have an...

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6 Steps to Guaranteed Improvement

Pop quiz: what was the last thing that went wrong for your company? Sit with that memory for a minute. Remember how awful it was, how frustrating? Remember how much energy you put into hoping it would never happen again?

OK, stop. Hope won’t get you very far, but here’s something that will. Something simple, actionable, and proven to protect your company against that same thing happening again. Ready?

Kaizen: The Art of Continuous Improvement

Maybe you’ve heard the Japanese term kaizen before, particularly in reference to Toyota’s manufacturing process. It translates to mean continuous improvement, but it’s not just an abstract concept. It’s a specific quality philosophy with a formal system of implementation, and it is used worldwide by companies big and small who want more than just hope when it comes to their quality management systems and overall evolution.

Unlike ISO 9001, which many of us are already familiar with, kaizen...

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