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This is When You Want Rule-Breakers on Your Team

Hey friend – I’m not sure what role you play exactly. Maybe you are the general manager of a small business. Maybe you are the safety administrator. Hell, maybe you are the owner of a small business. Whatever your title is, my bet is that if you’ve ended up on our email list then you are a leader of some kind.

But leaders don’t become leaders by accident. At least not true leaders. True leaders are people that see the best in others and do whatever they can to draw those strengths out. They want to see them grow. They give them every opportunity to succeed, to contribute to the success of the organization.

What does this look like in the world of safety? So often safety is full of rules and guidelines and ‘you shall do this’ and ‘you shall not do that’. And some folks that are considered safety managers or safety leads end up policing and enforcing those rules, which is a huge drag for everyone. No one wants to be policed, no one wants...

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